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ACIMA Vending,

High Desert Branch provides the best vending products and services to schools and businesses in the High Desert area, and throughout all of Inland Empire. We offer all brands you know and love. In fact we provide vending services to your local Walmarts.

Many choose to work with us because of our healthy vending options, as well as our quick and reliable service. We can help you with all your OFFICE COFFEE, K-CUPs and ACIMA vending machine needs!

ACIMA High Desert

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Many High Desert Medical facilities and businesses choose to use ACIMA Vending - High Desert Branch for their coffee and office vending. Offering healthy food and caffeine boost increases energy and morale, while saving time that people otherwise spent traveling to get food off-site. The options we provide are

 nutritious, and taste delicious. With that extra energy, watch productivity grow! High Desert  Schools welcome Healthy Vending Services.                                                                                 Schools in High Desert trust ACIMA Vending Company for their healthy vending needs because we provide healthy options that kids love!                                Healthy snacks have been proven to increase children’s ability to learn and focus, and studies show kids enjoy healthy vending options just as much as their unhealthy counterparts.